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Interested in digitizing your business, adopt somodesk technology

Somodesk is the ultimate marketing machine which helps you enhance profits by reducing customer acquisition cost and removal of the multiple layers of inefficiency in the sales & distribution structure. If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, Somodesk encourages you to become an Alliance. Your products and services must bring value and be useful to businessmen in offices and at their residences. Also, if interesting to Business persons and High Net worth Individuals, for their health, hygiene, personal care, luxury, lifestyle requirements in professional and family life.

The products must meet quality standards of our target audience. Alliances are allowed to list products for sale on somodesk portal. Somodesk will be more interested in a product / service, not freely available, not listed on several ecommerce sites and must meet the quality standards of our target audience. On completion of the approval process, the product will be listed. You are required to provide all marketing material such as images, content, videos on your micro site and portal for visitors to be convinced to buy. You will be provided opportunity to impart product / service knowledge & sales training to Affiliates to communicate USPs to prospective customers Specifications of the product images, demonstration videos and training videos will be shared for submission to successfully list the products / services on the portal.

The ever-swelling network of Affiliates will create a strong sales force, unmatched by any imagination, to the strength of own employees or channel partners, any company can build. The army of Affiliates will ensure rewarding performance within pre-defined timelines, with enormous cost saving, for any entrepreneur wanting to pitch the product or service in any geography or pan- India. The Affiliates will action the marketing approach in their areas in the shortest possible time and influence their contact sphere make decisions to buy your products / services.

The pin-coded Affiliates will help you test new hook in the ecosystem and micro-manage target markets in the shortest possible time, with market analysis based on expressed parameters to be shared upon prior request. The incentivised Affiliates will generate manifold results through micro coverage of the market, compared to mediocre results by fixed pay employees working in easily approachable markets.


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Alliance Benefits

Get a Sales Force

Somodesk affiliate network is a trained hybrid sales force available to sell your products across all regions in India. You don't require a high cost sales team henceforth. Somodesk helps you fully exploit the power of digital. You can choose affiliates from your market segment and train them. They sell your product.

Maximum visibility offers all modes of marketing. The listing of the products are least cluttered and well categorized for quick access of your products for buying. Being a digital platform, the product visibility has no geographical limitation and available on display 24x7x365 to buy and deliver anywhere in India. Somodesk offers advertising space as well.

Save on sales cost

The customer acquisition cost is practically nil since they visit your online store through affiliate invitations. You save on infrastructure and communication costs, enabling you to offer the products at most reasonable prices to the customers generating higher sales volumes at lower sales cost.

Maximum sales

Somodesk has a policy of listing unique and quality products in different categories from different geographies with different customer preferences. Every customer visiting the e-commerce store has a product to satisfy his needs. Reduced competition helps maximize your sales. The sellers get a passionate salesforce to sell your products.

Build your own network

You can train bright affiliates from specific geographies, inclined to promote your products to customers exclusively in a particular region. This helps you to create a salesforce that maximises your sales opportunities in micromarkets in all geographies.

Digital Technology

The mobile friendly technology helps transact front line sales and simultaneously capture the figures backoffice. Your dashboard serves as your mobile office, providing you the sales statistics vital to manage your business. Our online store software will be available to you at a discount to help you launch your online store on your own website.