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What is Somodesk?

Somodesk is a one-stop marketplace of products and services useful for businessmen in their offices and food, luxury, lifestyle, health, personal care products for their families in their residences.

Why join as an Affiliates?

Somodesk is your friend, to let you be financially independent and socially influential person. You can promote online using the web and mobile based software on a friendly social commerce platform.

  • ✅ Registration is FREE. No Affiliate fee
  • ✅ Do Business. No initial investment
  • ✅ Earn on Product sales, Enrol Affiliates, Onboard Alliances
  • ✅ Share in monthly turnover of enrolled Alliance for the year

How does it work?

Marketers are invited to list their products and services, with the option of setting up a store on the portal to promote the brand. The products and services will undergo an approval process prior to listing online to offer maximum value and a rich shopping experience to our valued customers.


Invite associates to buy. Send product links through messages to Businessmen / HNI and ensure the purchase happens.


Earn handsome profits from qualified purchases and programs. Earn also by bringing Affiliates to Somodesk.


Somodesk is ever growing platform with great products. Motivate Affiliates to sell. Sky is the limit for your growth.

Social Responsibility

Women, senior citizens, underprivileged, physically and socially challenged persons will be given special consideration. Minimum 10% of our profits will be earmarked towards the upliftment of entrepreneurs, personal development and welfare of our Affiliates.

We aspire to create a truly vibrant business community.


Sky is the limit for your prosperity with Somodesk

Anybody can join

As long as you are of a serviceable age and putting in efforts to improve your position in the society, Somodesk is here to help you. We provide training to succeed as an affiliate and provide quality products that you can promote in your neighbourhood as well as contacts anywhere. Earn passive income or be an entrepreneur to earn high active income.

Worldclass software

Somodesk offers an online software, on mobile and desktop, for you to promote products to contacts through invites and bring in more affiliates to simply promote products online, like never before. The simplicity of the software makes you feel good, as it takes you through the designed routines to succeed. You don’t need to be a sales person to promote.

Great Products to sell

Somodesk provides some of the most innovative products built with great quality and care. You have the opportunity to bring suppliers on board to make more acceptable products available to customers. Like a product, want to use it, list it. You can choose the products, you wish to promote. The suppliers will teach you how to best sell the products across Somodesk platform.

Handsome earnings

Affiliate is the most pampered as far as earnings. You earn commissions on turnover of an Alliance, you onboarded on somodesk, earn by addition of affiliate to your network, product sales commission from business from invited customers, Assisted shopping, first sale of your immediate downline affiliate and your own purchases. Earn handsome commission on sales of somodesk software to small businesses to convert any offline business to online. Hurry! Get started.

Sales training and social bonding

Suppliers will provide product training so that you can take it to the market effectively. Brand owners will recognize your contribution to their product sales and pick you up for training. Your increased capability will ensure your improved performance. Enjoy while you work. Participation in social bonding exercises are relaxing and helps build relations. Together the team achieves higher results.

Handy Informative Dashboard

Promote assisted shopping to digitally unskilled from your dashboard access. We provide you updated info, on your network size, funnel size, promotion progress and money earned. It automatically drives you to function professionally and track your performance. Every day is satisfying with the improving results.